* 1. How would you rate your level of satisfaction with our laboratory's customer service?

* 2. Are report formats and turn around times sufficient for supporting timely treatment of your patients?

* 3. Do you find our Pathologists easily accessible to answer your questions and/or concerns?

* 4. Are courier pick up times for specimens adequate?

* 5. When you do call about a problem or concern, do you feel like your issue has been resolved in a timely manner and to your satisfaction? Is there a particular employee you found most helpful / unhelpful?

* 6. Is there a specific aspect of our laboratory service that could be improved upon?

* 7. Are there any additional services or tests that you would like to see us perform to help support your practice?

* 8. Sparrow CAP-Lab offers various training/in-service options to our clients to help physicians and their staff better understand pathology/cytology collection methods, billing requirements, services we offer and new advances in technology available to your patients.

Are any of the physicians/staff of your office practice interested in this service?

* 9. How would you rate the overall quality of your relationship with Sparrow CAP-Lab?

* 10. So that we may respond to your comments/questions, please provide us with your practice name and location.