Be part of creating an outdoor rock climbing/bouldering wall in honor of Liz Daley!

Liz Rocks! is working with Metro Parks Tacoma to locate and build a rock climbing/bouldering wall in Liz's home town which will...
1.     Provide Tacoma locals and visitors with a rock climbing/bouldering wall.
2.     Provide a memorial for her friends and family to visit, remember her, and continue to ‘Live Like Liz’.
3.     Provide a safe environment to introduce a whole new group of people to rock climbing/bouldering. 

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and let us know your thoughts about some of the wall's key issues. Thank you! 

Question Title

* 1. VISION: What do you want the new Liz Rocks! wall to accomplish. Please check the importance of each item (Least Important, Neutral, or Very Important). Add any additional thoughts or ideas in the comment field.

  Least  Important Neutral Very Important
Something for everyone (new to experts)
Helps get people outdoors
Increases usage of parks
Teach children that nature is an adventure
Live like Liz - life is being outdoors
Create a common gathering place
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