* 1. Please enter your account number. It can be found on your invoice in the following format: 010012345. Leave out the dash. Your answer should have exactly nine (9) digits.

* 2. New York City requires all businesses to recycle:

·     cardboard
·     mixed paper
·     metal cans
·     glass bottles and jars
·     plastic bottles

Enforcement of this law began on August 1, 2017.

Mr.T Carting provides Single Stream Recycling Services. You can place all your cans and bottles (free of food and liquid), into clear or translucent blue plastic bags.  For up to 2 bags picked up once per week along with one bundle of cardboard, your bill will increase by eighteen dollars and eighty seven cents ($18.87) per month. For businesses with larger volumes, please call our sales team to arrange additional services.

Do you want to add this new recycling service with the understanding it will cost an additional $18.87 per month?

* 3. Please provided us with your email address. We promise we will not use it for marketing to you nor sell it to third parties to do so. It is very important that we have your email address on file in the event of a weather emergency or to warn you of enforcement issues, like with recycling. We do not expect to send you more than three (3) emails per year.

Thank you for using Mr. T for this new recycling service. You will receive a new window decal in the mail within 2 weeks.  

The window decal will indicate your new recycling day – if it shows Tuesday as your pickup date, place recycling out Monday night for Tuesday.