* 1. How would you describe the condition of your skin?

* 2. What is the #1 skincare problem that you would like to solve?

* 3. Where do you purchase skincare or body products in general? (select all that apply)

* 4. Have you ever purchased AHAVA products?

* 5. What other skincare or body brands have you used in the past year? (select all that apply)

* 6. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  1 - agree completely 2 - agree somewhat 3 - neutral 4 - disagree somewhat 5 - disagree completely
AHAVA has the right products to meet all of my skincare needs
AHAVA is a luxurious brand
AHAVA is a well known brand
AHAVA is a good value for the money
AHAVA has the best products
AHAVA has products that are too complicated to use
AHAVA has an excellent selection of products to choose from
AHAVA is a company that I trust
AHAVA has highly effective products that do what they say
AHAVA fits my personality
AHAVA is a modern, up- to -date brand
AHAVA has innovative products

* 7. What additional services would you like from ahavaus.com?

  1 - Not interested at all 2 3 - Neutral 4 5 - Definitely want
Online Gift Cards
Physical Gift Cards
More information about AHAVA spa treatments
More product usage tips and instructions
Ability to get your favorite products delivered every month automatically
Bilingual / Spanish Content
Before and After Images
Live Chat with Customer Service Reps
More billing options
More Videos
A blog featuring skincare tips and general makeup/beauty trends
Personalized product recommendations
Gift registry or wish list
Mobile phone shopping

* 8. What do you do on ahavaus.com? (select all that apply)

* 9. How often do you visit ahavaus.com?

* 10. Do you follow AHAVA through the following methods? (select all that apply)

* 11. How does ahavaus.com compare to other shopping sites in the following ways?

  1 - Much worse 2 3 - The same 4 5 - Much better
Customer Service
Trust in Company
Website features & functionality
Purchase policies (returns, exchanges)
Product delivery speed

* 12. Have you ever been to the Dead Sea?

* 13. Where do you MOST prefer to buy your AHAVA products? (choose one answer)

* 14. How long have you been using AHAVA products?

* 15. How often do you purchase AHAVA products?

* 16. How did you FIRST hear about AHAVA products? (choose one)

* 17. How likely are you to recommend AHAVA products?

  1 - Not at all likely 2 3 - Neutral 4 5 - Extremely likely N/A
Please choose rate

* 18. Where do you go for skincare information? (optional)

* 19. For demographic purposes (optional): What is your age?

* 20. For demographic purposes (optional): What is your total yearly household income?

* 21. For demographic purposes (optional): Would you describe yourself as: