The stores of data we collect are fast becoming a centerpiece of competition. Enterprises are investing heavily in building these capabilities and infrastructure to make use of the insights that lie within this information. However, the vast majority of managers and employees have little to no training on the types of information that are becoming available, the techniques used to analyze them or the practical applications that drive value. Moreover, the current means of learning about these topics are highly unstructured, difficult to consume and not oriented around the life of a busy manager/executive.

Our organization is currently developing a set of on-line courses (mixture of free and paid content) which are designed to bridge the knowledge gap in enterprises between data scientists and decision makers on application of data mining and analysis techniques that are transforming how businesses compete. The course is designed to quickly educate executives who are new to data mining and predictive analytic techniques in a highly convenient communications format and medium so that they can productively and critically contribute to the increasing number of projects which involve analysis of large data sets.

The questions below will help inform the design and delivery of our courses. We appreciate your input and as a result of your participation will provide you with privileged access to the content as it is developed and released. Thanks in advance for your participation.

* 1. Do you think there is a strong market need for this course?

* 2. Please rate your personal interest in a course such as the one described above