Annual Survey

This survey is the training consumer component of two parallel surveys given to training consumers and training providers, designed to ensure that training offerings are in sync with the needs of auto and truck service personnel. Your accurate responses will help the industry to recognize trends and improve the availability and quality of training. If you complete the entire survey you can choose to be entered into a drawing for one of three $250 Snap-on Tool certificates.

* 1. Which of these best describes your job in the auto or truck repair business?

* 2. Which of these best describes your workplace?

* 3. Your Age?

* 4. Which of these is your first language?

* 5. How is your pay structured?

* 6. What is your annual pay range?

* 7. Prior to entering your occupation, did you have any vocational or technical school training for your trade?

* 8. Who pays for training in your workplace?

* 9. How many hours of structured training do you participate in each year?

* 10. Do you feel as though you have access to the training that you need?

* 11. If you answered NO to the previous question,  Which of these are factors in your inability to get the necessary training?  Choose up to 5 reasons.

* 12. In which of these training areas are your needs the greatest?  Choose up to 6 areas.

* 13. Approximately, what percentage of the training you receive or provide for your personnel comes from each of these delivery methods? Total of the percentages should equal 100.

* 14. Please indicate the percentage of training that you or your staff would ideally prefer to receive via each of these delivery methods. Total of the percentages should equal 100.

How do you see your use of the following training methods changing over the next 12 to 18 months?

* 15. Classroom, Instructor-led

* 16. Lab, Hands-on Instructor-Led

* 17. Virtual classroom, Instructor-Led

* 18. Coaching / Mentoring, On-the-job

* 19. Video Learning

* 20. Self-paced E-Learning

* 21. Self-paced Printed Manual

* 22. Virtual Simulation (Computer-generated 2D or 3D)

* 23. Mobile Learning (Smartphone or Tablet)

* 24. Informal Learning (Social Media, Wikis, Discussion Groups, Blogs)

* 25. Other

* 26. General comments related to this ATMC survey: