Lohn School

This questionnaire is designed to gather general information about what our parents think and how they feel about our school and their relationship with our school.  Please choose a response to the first nine questions and responses to the tenth question.  The other box is for any comments you may have for things we are doing great or for improvements that you would like to see us implement.  Your answers are and will remain anonymous. Thank you for helping us to improve Lohn School parent/community communications.

* 1. I feel knowledgeable about what is going on at Lohn School.

* 2. I check for information about school events on social media and the school website.

* 3. I feel knowledgeable about Lohn School's status as a Title 1 school.

* 4. I am informed about my child's progress.

* 5. My child's teachers communicate with me regularly.

* 6. I am satisfied with the quality of interaction with my child's school.

* 7. I know what my child's teacher expects of my child.

* 8. My child's grades accurately show what s/he knows and can do.

* 9. Overall, I am satisfied with my child's academic progress.

* 10. Please check the types of school communication you prefer.