2017 Survey on Impact of Insufficient $ for NM Schools on NM Students

WHY THIS SURVEY?    [THIS SURVEY IS FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION EMPLOYEES WITHOUT REGARD TO UNION MEMBERSHIP (though Union membership is what makes our advocacy effective).]   See www.nea-nm.org to join!

Budget cuts for our public schools loom over NM students and those of us who help them on their roads to success in school and life.  NM schools have not been sufficiently funded to provide our students all we as educators could otherwise support them with.  Since 2008 school funding per pupil has been drastically reduced, so any new cuts are sure to cause harm.  Our advocacy against any new budget cuts, and for the funding needed is infinitely more effective when we can share with legislators and the public real life stories about the impact of both current and projected underfunding of our schools.  

The information you provide us through this survey will help tremendously, and we are enormously grateful for your participation.  Please note the stories shared by you through this survey may be shared with legislators and possibly the media too.   THANK YOU!

* 1. What is your work title/category?

* 2. ARE YOU AN NEA member in a New Mexico Local Association?

* 3. What is your workplace (or school)?

* 4. What school district or charter do you work for?

* 5. If your work requires a PED license, what level is your license?

* 7. How have budget cuts impacted your work and/or service with the students?  (Please check all that apply, then please provide brief stories for any that apply to your experience.)

* 8. This question is about District, school or system wide impacts you are aware of related to insufficient funding for NM public schools.  How have budget issues affected your district or school?

* 9. If funding issues (and the related work load issues you cite in previous questions) have impacted how you feel and think about your work, please share what that impact is:

* 10. Successful educators are life long learners.  Please check all that apply to your personal experience with professional development currently: 

* 11. If your school or classroom (or work site) could have all the resources needed to start providing all the students you work with a sufficient education, what would those needed resources be?

* 12. Please give us your name and contact information so we can follow up with you as needed.  THANKS!