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* 1. Is there a problem with our current health care system?

* 2. Should there be more government regulation on how your health care is run?

* 3. Will the quality of health care go down if it is regulated by the government more than it is now?

* 4. Do you believe doctors would be willing to put quality of health care before their own financial gain?

* 5. If doctors were rated by their patients would that help the quality issue?

* 6. Do you think the government can give you better health insurance than you already have?

* 7. Do you consider cost to be one of the most important factors influencing your opinion on the health care issue?

* 8. Has the media done a good job at showing you both sides of the argument concerning the health care issue?

* 9. Do you believe the new health care system Obama is proposing will benefit our nation in the long run?

* 10. Do you think Obama's proposal will change everything about the health care system?