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* 2. Which best describes your involvement in the event? Click all that apply.

* 3. Was this your first year attending/participating in the event?

* 4. Were you aware that the Assault on Patcong Creek is organized by a 501c3 charitable organization, Patcong Creek Foundation, that funds youth education and environmental cleanup initiatives?

* 5. If we were to ask for a donation to attend the event in the future, what would you think would be a reasonable fee?

* 6. Please rate this year's Assault on Patcong Creek food selection.

* 7. Please rate the selection of goods in our Chinese and Silent Auctions.

* 8. Please rate the quality of the vendors and displayers on our Midway.

* 9. Please rate the selection of items available in our tournament store.

* 10. Please check all of the features of the event that you were able to utilize/participate in/enjoy/witness at the post-tournament party?

* 11. If the 2018 Assault on Patcong Creek were moved to late September/early October I would be:

* 12. If the 2018 Assault on Patcong Creek post-tournament party was held in Somers Point's John F. Kennedy Park as opposed to the Firehouse, I would be:

* 13. Please rate your level of interest if the Patcong Creek Foundation were to organize another event similar to the Assault on Patcong Creek that was focused on clamming, followed by a clam  bake.

* 14. Do you have any other suggestions to make the Assault on Patcong Creek a better experience?