Dear researcher,

Tell us about health/security risks your research work might involve!

* 2. Does your research activity involve any of these risks:

  No risk Low risk Moderate risk High risk Very high risk
Radiation (x-rays, UV, laser...)
Solvents and other chemicals
Materials of unknown toxicity
Biological hazard
Human threat
Altitude/mechanical/temperature threat
Exposure in nature
Prolonged sitting or standing

* 3. What is your field of work?

* 5. Is the necessary safety equipment provided at your work?

* 7. At your workplace, concerning your research work...

  Yes No Don't remember/Does not apply
Were you officially introduced to safety protocols?
If yes, was it in a clear way?
Did you sign a consent form?
Were you informed of the person responsible for safety at your institution in case of future issues or doubts?

* 10. Country your responses apply to:

* 12. Any comments on improving the situation in work safety for researchers?

* 13. If you wish to participate in our future surveys, or contribute to Voice of the Researchers, leave your e-mail! It will not be used for any other purpose!