Welcome to the LSU - NOLA-YURP Post-Katrina Survey for New Orleans, 2008!

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It has been nearly three years since Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans’ recovery is very mixed – some excellent, some hardly at all, and lots in between. Much remains to be done.

We believe that NOLA YURP members are part of the promise of New Orleans’ recovery.

NOLA YURP is partnering with the LSU Sociology Department in Baton Rouge to help us understand how you use NOLA YURP, how you feel about New Orleans, how attached you feel, and what your plans are for the coming years.

We ask you to participate in this survey to help us understand these things. The survey will only be used to improve NOLA YURP’s offerings, for recovery planning, and for scholarly research. We are not doing any fund raising or selling anything. All your answers are completely confidential, and you are free to skip any question or to end the survey at any point. We will report results only in aggregate, percentaged form. We will not release data with personally identifying information.

If you have questions about this survey, you may contact the LSU Sociology Department at 126 Stubbs Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, 225-578-1645. If you have questions about respondents’ rights, you may contact Robert C. Mathews, Chairman of the Institutional Review Board at LSU, at 203 B-1 David Boyd Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, 225-578-8692.

Thank you very much for your help!

IMPORTANT NOTE. This survey is intended only for people who are now living in Greater New Orleans. If you have not (yet) moved (or moved back) to New Orleans, please look at your email invitation, and take the version for people who are not now living in New Orleans. Thanks!