Financial Practices and Services Survey

EPA Today, in conjunction with Secure Future$, is conducting a brief five-question survey of financial practices and services used and desired by East Palo Alto residents. Secure Future$ is a free Financial Education program designed to help individuals manage their money and increase savings. Secure Future$ is led collaboratively by three local non-profit agencies: Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto and Nuestra Casa. You may complete the survey anonymously. Information obtained from this survey will be used to help create and improve programs and services to benefit all East Palo Alto residents. Survey results will be published in an upcoming issue of EPA Today and on-line at

1. Within the past twelve months I have (check all that apply):

2. I currently use the following financial services (check all that apply):

3. Of the financial services checked above, I most frequently use (check three):

4. I am interested in using or learning about (check all that apply):

5. Of the products and services checked above, I am most interested in learning about (check three):

6. Please provide your name and email address in the spaces below. Do be assured that your name and email address will not be used for any other purpose than to receive a one-time email from EPA Today which will include a confirmation email of the survey and a list of local Financial Education and Money Management resources.

This survey was created in cooperation with:
Nuestra Casa, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto.
Encuesta de Prácticas y Servicios Financieros en español: