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Thank you for your interest in the nutrient standards process. The 2021 Legislature passed, and Governor Gianforte signed into law, Senate Bill 358. The new law requires DEQ to adopt rules to implement its narrative nutrient standards and provides a transition from Montana’s existing numeric nutrient standards and variance approach to a new narrative standards approach. 

During this process, DEQ will work with the Nutrient Work Group, which includes the EPA and representatives from various interest groups. The timeline for creating the new narrative implementation is March 2022.

DEQ will assist permittees in understanding the narrative nutrient standards and will develop guidance documents and adaptive management plans to help with the transition.

While the process involves the Nutrient Work Group, DEQ values public engagement. Listening sessions will be held a few times throughout the process to answer questions and listen to comments from the public. To submit a question, please fill out the form below. Questions will be addressed at the next listening session. If questions are submitted after planned listening sessions, DEQ will respond directly to your question via email. 

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