Nomination Form for 2017 Election

Nominate yourself and as many other qualified SAIR members as you wish as candidates for the positions listed below. All nominees will be considered for all positions. Please provide SAIR member's name, institution, and a brief explanation of your reason(s) for nominating the member (up to 100 characters). Nominees must be current SAIR members. To access the SAIR member directory, click here. If you would like to nominate more candidates than the form allows, you may submit multiple forms. The Nominating Committee may consider candidates for positions other than the ones for which candidates are nominated.

* 1. Vice President/President-Elect: Serves a three-year term on the SAIR Board with the first year as Vice-President/Conference Program Chair, the second year as President, and the third year as Past President.

* 2. Treasurer: Serves a two-year term on the SAIR Board and is responsible for the finances of the organization including collection of registration and membership fees, preparation of financial reports, and the organization's annual budget.

* 3. Members-At-Large (two): Each serves for a two-year term with Board responsibilities assigned by the President.

* 4. Nominating Committee (five): Five persons are elected to one-year terms, working with the Past-President/Nominating Committee Chair to prepare a slate of candidates for the election of 2018 .

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