Our mission is to help each person take the next step in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Are you taking the next step? Are you in a different place today in your relationship with Jesus than you were six months ago, a year ago, ten years ago? Do you have a plan to develop your walk with Jesus Christ?

We’ve developed a small survey designed to examine your beliefs, attitudes, and practices. It’s not scientific and the goal isn’t to get a “good grade”, but rather to determine where you might be in your relationship with Jesus and to commit to growth in taking that next step.

* 1. Please forward my results to the following...

* 2. The following statements describe my faith journey...

  Never Not very often Sometimes Often Regularly
I connect with God by reading His Word and through prayer
I hang out with friends that encourage me in my faith
I allow God's Word to shape my decisions
I share my faith with others
I am using my skills and abilities to help others
I feel I am impacting my community for Christ

* 3. My next step is to...