1. Illawong Lodge Survey - Contribute to Illawong's History

Illawong Ski Tourers has had a connection with Illawong Lodge for more than fifty years. We need to record those connections now or many may be lost forever.

The purpose of this survey is to begin to explore the connections that people have with the lodge, and in particular, their memories of work parties.

We want to hear from all Illawong members, their families and friends who have visited Illawong over the years.

This information will assist the committee and members to better understand people's connections to the lodge and what it means to them. Knowing more about people's relationship with Illawong Lodge will help to plan for its sustainability and to maintain its connection to the Australian Alps in terms of recreation, the environment, and its social and cultural heritage.

We are particularly interested in the club’s annual Easter work party to carry in winter supplies and undertake building maintenance. We would like to find out more about what this activity means to people and some of the stories they recall over the years.

We are collecting some basic demographic details in order to determine more about the survey respondents overall and to find out whether different groups of people tell us different things. Individuals will not be identified in the summary report of findings to the committee and members.

All raw data will be provided to the committee. You can select whether to give your name so the committee can contact you if they want to find out more from you or if they need to check whether you would like to have something you say attributed to you in any further publications of findings.

In the following 16 questions, please tell us your views and the things you recall about Illawong. Completing the survey will take about 10 to 20 minutes depending on the length of your answers.

Please forward the link to this survey to others who have had a connection with Illawong.

We hope you find this survey stimulating and thought-provoking. If you have any questions about this survey please contact us on:

Thank you for your support
Elspeth Macdonald and Rob Baker