Do you know a Randall Residence employee who should be honored for their exemplary care and service? If so, take a few moments to fill out this form and explain how they do the following: 
Protect each resident's right to privacy
  • Foster independence for each resident
  • Treat each resident with dignity and respect¬†
  • Involve family and friends in care, when appropriate
  • Promote the individuality of each resident
  • Provide a safe, residential environment
  • Allow each resident choice of care and lifestyle
  • Enjoys taking care of the residents and lets that show to all they encounter

* 1. Name of Person Who Deserves This Recognition

* 3. Location Nominee Works At

* 4. Your Name

* 6.
Please provide specific examples of why you are nominating this employee. Remember, award judging decisions are based on simple, to the point nominations that contain facts and concrete examples that illustrate why the nominee should receive the award. Describe the actions of the nominee in the most specific terms possible. (For instance, "Mary is excellent with residents" is not specific. "Mary is always polite with residents; she listens carefully to what they tell her and repeats their request so they know she understood them. She always follows through on the promises she makes to them" is more specific.)