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You are a born leader! You have always something unique that makes you the special one! You have skills and you are full of energies and passion! Sometime you feel you don’t get chance or express yourself with potential you have. Then why not join our new initiative “I am a Youth Climate Leader” and unleash your true leadership skills and inspire the world with your dynamic personality and actions!

With the start of New Year 2014- our campaign “Climate Project Connectors” is launching a new initiative to spark leadership qualities which challenges life and abilities of Youth as Leaders for next generation!

Joining this programme you will be able to;
• Create Opportunities rather than wait for opportunities
• Connect your Values with Actions, and
• Confidently motivate Yourself to take leadership role in much challenging Climate Crisis

If you are a young individual of age 16 to 30 and you are passionate to work for Planet Earth, then you got an exciting chance to join us in this two to three-day training programme!

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