There are seven questions in this survey. 

As part of the selection process for a new Superintendent for Brooklyn Center Community Schools, it is important to gather feedback from staff and community members. The information you provide will be helpful in identifying key characteristics, knowledge and skills for the new Superintendent. The information will be compiled and given to the School Board who will use this data, along with other information, to inform their hiring decision. 
Please Note: The School Board has developed a job description for the Superintendent. The responses you provide will help the Board to understand important aspects of this role from the staff and community perspective. 

* 1. I am a......

* 2. What are the most important priorities for the next Superintendent?
(Please rank in order of priority with #1 being the most important).

* 3. Please list any additional or other priorities the next Superintendent should have. 

* 4. What three qualities do you most desire in the next Superintendent?

* 5. Please rank in order of importance the Superintendent involvement in the the school community.

* 6. Identify which leadership skills are important for the next Superintendent.

* 7. Please share any additional information that would be important for the School Board to consider in its selection of the next Superintendent for Brooklyn Center Community Schools.