* 1. What issue do you hear about most in your social circles or the news regarding GBI?

* 2. In terms of what impacts you the most, what ONE issue would YOU like to see addressed at the Board of Directors' level?

* 3. One of my key priorities is making sure GBI, Inc. drives economic prosperity for shareholders. What economic shareholder issue do you care about the most? Do you have a shareholder family member in your life that's been that's been affected by the changes in the economy? Please share your/their story below.

* 4. In the GBI annual budget, please rank how you think items should be prioritized (Consider 1 the highest priority, with the lowest priority being 6).

* 5. In the annual GBI budget, I've supported several projects that need funding. What budget project would you like me to support and prioritize at the committee and Board levels? Larger dividends are assumed as a top priority.