Homebound Services Survey

This survey is for families of students who have received Homebound Services. Please take a few moments to rate your satisfaction with your homebound experience. We use your input to evaluate our program which helps us work towards improving our services to students and families. Thanks for your time!

* 2. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the Homebound Process and Instruction:

  Very satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Do not know
Helpfulness of school staff when initiating the Homebound Application
Clear directions for required paperwork to complete the Homebound Application
Cooperation of school staff when supplying school assignments and materials
Appropriate amount of school work assigned to student while receiving Homebound Services
Level of support received from the school when the student returned to school
Promptness of initial homebound teacher contact
Timeliness of start of homebound services
Flexibility of homebound teacher's schedule
Communication with homebound teacher
Quality of instuction given by homebound teacher

* 3. Please note things you LIKED about homebound:

* 4. Please note things you DID NOT LIKE about homebound:

* 5. Please note any suggestions you have for improvement: