* 1. What would best describe your attitude toward the condition of our country?

* 2. Who do you feel is responsible for ensuring your freedoms and rights are protected?

* 3. What should that person or entity be doing to protect your rights and freedoms?

* 4. How would you feel if your rights or freedoms were suddenly only as allowed by your government?

* 5. If those assigned to protect your rights and freedoms were replaced by people hostile to your way of life, who do you feel you could turn to?

* 6. What do you feel government's major roll should be?

* 7. If you noticed or heard things were not quite right with your government, where would you turn to find out what was really going on?

* 8. What would convince you that a particular book provided vital data you needed to education yourself on government and its relationship to your freedom and rights?

* 9. Who do you trust most about obtaining the truth about current affairs and your government?