MNSU Campus Recreation TechRec Survey

TechRec is the term given to the computers connected to cardio equipment in Otto Recreation Center.  We are looking for student feedback to help us shape the future of TechRec.  Please take a moment of your time to share your full feedback on TechRec. 

* 1. Do you currently use TechRec (the computers on the fitness machines in Otto Recreation Center?

* 2. Do you think having technology at each cardio piece should remain?

* 3. If you use Tech Rec now or would use in the future, in what ways would you want to use it?

* 4. Do you primarily use your personal device when working out in Otto Rec Center?

* 5. If an iPad was available for free check out with your MavCard at the Otto front desk, and to be used during your workouts in Otto Rec Center, would you use this service?

* 6. Would you use device charging stations located on each floor if they were available?

* 7. Would you use computers in the lounge or lobby area to use as work stations?

* 8. Do you have any other comments or suggestions on TechRec or other fitness related technologies?