Customer Satisfaction Survey

* 1. Patient Information

* 2. How satisfied were you with the knowledge of the employee(s) you talked with regarding products, services, and/or any reimbursement or payment information?

* 3. How satisfied were you with the quality of the orthopedic braces you received?

* 4. If you had any questions, complaints or concerns regarding our products, services or delivery how satisfied were you with our handling of your concerns?

* 5. How satisfied were you in understanding that Motion Medical would bill you and/or your insurance carrier separately for the bracing (orthopedic device/brace) your doctor prescribed for you? 

* 6. How satisfied were you that our billing statement was easy to read and understand?

* 7. How satisfied were you that your insurance was billed billed correctly and in a timely manner?

* 8. Would you be willing to recommend Motion Medical to another friend or family member who may need orthopedic bracing or medical equipment?

* 9. Please share any comments, feedback or suggestions for improving our service and our company.