Greetings VUU Members and Friends

As we continue to thoughtfully adapt to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, our values of love, service, and justice are ever more important. We need to be connected to one another, to know that someone is there for us. And we need to soothe and grow our spirits. To that end, in mid June we will begin a program called Connection Circles.

We will place those who wish to participate in circles of 10 people. For now, those circles will meet virtually (our hope is at least twice per month) to check in with one another and to go through a discussion-based curriculum centered on the congregation’s monthly theme. The circles will be led by volunteer facilitators who will meet monthly with Rev. Andy to discuss issues in their circles and to participate in the next month’s curriculum themselves. All groups will also be asked to safely perform a service project. Importantly, all groups will be open to new members as newcomers’ express interest.

Organized by zip code, these circles will become important as the pandemic lessens and, eventually, it is safer to meet in small groups. The Connection Circles would then meet in homes to go through the curriculum, and perhaps to experience online worship together. We do not know when this time will come, but when it does, we will be organized and ready.

As we lift our gaze further toward the horizon of a more distant time, things get a little more hazy, but one could foresee these groups sticking around after the all-clear is sounded on COVID-19. Mid-sized congregations like ours need small groups to stay connected at a deeper level than is possible on Sunday morning. Perhaps this will become the foundation of a new way of being a congregation!

Our hope is that these circles will serve to connect us to one another and to, as we say in our chalice lighting every Sunday, “the fire of love which calls us to work for justice.” Please complete the survey.

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* 1. Are you interested in being a part of a Connection Circle?

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* 2. I would be willing to consider being a Connection Circle volunteer facilitator.

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* 3. This is a good idea. I have a few thoughts myself about this idea.

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* 4. When this pandemic and our stay-at-home began, we put out a survey. That was 2 months ago now. Do you want to share how things are going for you now?

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