Thank you for taking 5-10 minutes to finish this survey. We will use it to help improve communication on future projects, as well as to understand the impacts of the intersection improvement project that took place in 2016 on 82nd Avenue between E Burnside and SE Division (sidewalk ramp and traffic signal upgrades). 

* 1. How often do you use 82nd Avenue? (select one)

* 2. Why do you travel to 82nd Avenue? (choose all that apply)

* 3. How do you travel on 82nd Avenue today? (choose all that apply)

* 4. Overall, how do you feel this project went?

Please rate our project on a 5 star scale (1 star is poor and 5 stars is excellent)

* 5. ODOT provided opportunities to learn and give input about the project

* 6. ODOT kept me informed about the project, using a variety of methods

* 7. ODOT finished the project on time and within budget

* 8. Do you agree with these statements?

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree Not applicable (I don't use the crosswalks on 82nd Avenue)
The 82nd Avenue of Roses intersection and crosswalk improvements make me feel more safe.
I am more likely to walk on 82nd Avenue because of the intersection and crosswalk improvements.

* 9. What additional improvements would make you feel safe and more likely to walk/jog/shop/bike on and around 82nd Avenue?

* 10. Do you have other comments or things we should know about?