1. Behance Candidate Survey - Design Intern

Behance is a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen.

Creative thinkers - the people with the most ideas - often struggle the most with organization and productivity. We aim to change that. So we design products & services that organize the creative world.

How do we do this? We research the most productive creative people in the world. We discover how they do it. We translate that knowledge, through the power of design, into a product or service that helps push creative ideas forward. And then we do it again.

We'd love to hear a bit more about you! Please take a few minutes to help us best align your goals with ours.

* 1. What is Your Name?

* 2. What is Your Email Address?

* 3. Why are you interested in working at Behance?

* 4. What are your career goals?

* 5. What is your greatest strength?

* 6. What is your greatest weakness?

* 7. Choose the two traits that best describe you.

* 8. What type of environment do you like to work in?

* 9. For Design Interns: Give an example of a website that you think has excellent interaction design, and why.

* 10. For Design Interns: Give us an example of a website that you think has poor interaction design, and why.

* 11. For Design Interns: Tell us one thing that you would do to improve creativesoutfitter.com

* 12. What else should we know about you?