* 1. Name your top three factors when deciding where to haul out for boat maintenance. Examples: lift capacity- customer service- yard pricing- town where yard is located-  specific expertise- DIY allowed - access to multiple types of services, environmental consideration, etc,..

* 2. Tell us something about your boat- (type, size, hull material,...)

* 3. Tell us about your boat “to-do” wish list-

* 4. Tell us something about yourself- (please include your home port)

* 5. Any other comments on this issue?

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* 7. Name and Zip code are very helpful in validating survey results. Email address is important if you have selected to receive one or more newsletters or outreach from relevant local (Port Townsend) Marine Trades businesses. Your information will be shared locally in our small town but it will NOT BE SOLD, ever.

Thank you! PT Watercraft is doing this voluntary outreach intended to inform our local Marine Trades businesses and Port about the preferences of regional boaters in particular but also any helpful information from around the world.