Tell us what you think!

* 1. How would you rate downtown Ozark?

* 2. What three words would you use to describe downtown Ozark?

* 3. What is your vision for the future of downtown Ozark?

* 4. What are the greatest assets/strengths of downtown Ozark?  (Select up to 5)

* 5. What are the greatest opportunities for improvement/challenges facing downtown Ozark? (Select up to 5)

* 6. How supportive would you be of the following types of improvements?

  Not very supportive Neutral Very supportive
Walking/biking trails
Promotion as a tourist destination
Historic preservation
Aesthetic improvements to the entry to downtown (i.e. Jackson & 3rd Street)
New businesses downtown
Farmers market back downtown
Public art
Public events

* 7. How often do you shop or dine in downtown Ozark?

Rarely Sometimes
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 8. What would encourage you to shop or dine downtown more often?

* 9. What types of events would you like to see downtown?

* 10. What types of new businesses would you like to see downtown?