Welcome to The Australian Medicinal Cannabis Observatory Survey!

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Welcome to the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Observatory Survey.

The Australian Medicinal Cannabis Observatory is academic group of scientists, pharmacists and medical professionals, working in collaboration with United in Compassion, who are interested in the 'hows' and 'whys' of medical cannabis use in Australia.

We are interested in your opinions if you are using, intend to use, or have ever used cannabis for medicinal purposes.

As a highly motivated group of patients, we know that you want and need more information about medicinal cannabis. We feel that an appropriate starting point is not to repeat what is already known, but perhaps to examine and share current practice, with a view to informing the design of trials that might  contribute to the growing body of knowledge on medicinal cannabis.

The survey is entirely confidential, but we are committed to the concept of Open Science and 'people before profit'. We believe that your opinions should be heard by everyone, not just investors, so we are happy to share our findings, once fully de-identified, with fellow researchers.


This survey will ask you questions about your attitudes to, and use of, medicinal cannabis. You can also choose to have further input into the project at the end of the survey.

The survey has 40 questions and should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.


Potentially identifying information, such as your name and your Internet Protocol (IP) address, will not be collected. Any identifying information you do provide will be kept strictly confidential. Taking part is entirely voluntary. You are not forced to answer any question, and can stop at any time by simply closing your browser.

This survey contains questions about your personal life. Because of this, you may want to consider completing this survey in private. The following steps have been taken to ensure security of survey responses:

1) Survey data can only be downloaded at a specified secure location accessible by the investigators, and
2) The resulting database will be stored on an encrypted drive accessible only by the investigators.

Any information you provide will be stored securely and kept for at least five years. We plan to share the combined information with you! We may also publish the research in academic articles and conference presentations. In any publication or presentation, information will be presented in such a way that you cannot be identified.


This survey is being conducted by the Australian Medical Cannabis Observatory, and United in Compassion.


If you  would like more information about this project before participating, please contact David Caldicott through the United in Compassion website.

By undertaking and completing this survey you agree to the following:

I understand why the survey is being done.
I have been given an opportunity to ask questions.
Any information which might potentially identify me will not be used in published material.
I have been, am currently, or intend to use cannabis in a medical capacity.

Please complete this survey only once.

Many thanks for your help- we look forward to sharing our results with you. If you've found it useful, and/or interesting, we'd be very grateful if you could forward the link on to any of your friends that you think would be interested in completing it.

Please read the following questions and check the appropriate box or fill in the appropriate answer.

So what are you waiting for-join us in this historic journey into broadening our understanding of this unique therapeutic agent.