Take our survey and tell us what you think Oxford County’s business planning and financial priorities should be for 2017. Your feedback will be considered as part of 2017 budget process, and inform how we look at engaging citizens in the budget process for 2018 and beyond.

* 1. Where do you live?

Below, you’ll see how much of your 2016 residential property taxes were spent on this service (based on a residential home valued at $200,000).

Based on that, tell us if you think the following services should be:
  •  Enhanced: improve or possibly expand this service
  •  Maintained: deliver this service at the level we’re at now
  •  Reduced: this is a service we should cut back on
  •  “Don’t know” or Not applicable: you need more information about this service or don’t think you’re in a position to answer
We encourage you to add comments below the rating for each service, to further explain your selection.


* 2. General government and protection services ($96)
Includes County Council, CAO Office, Communications, Strategic Initiatives, Tourism, Provincial Offences Act (POA), and other services paid through other department budgets: Corporate Services (Finance, Customer Services, Information Technology); Human Resources; Fleet and Facilities

* 3. Roads ($258)
Construction projects, maintenance, signage and traffic signals, snow plowing and more on County roads and bridges

* 4. Wastewater collection and treatment (Wastewater rates charged to utility bills. This service is not funded from the County tax levy)
Maintenance and operation of 11 wastewater systems, including nine wastewater treatment plants, serving more than 75,000 residents and various industries and commercial institutions

* 5. Water Distribution & Treatment (Water rates charged to utility bills. This service is not funded from the County tax levy)
Operation and monitoring of County drinking water systems; source water protection; and conservation

* 6. Waste Management ($32)
Curbside collection for garbage and recycling; depots and special events; large article pick-up; and services at the Oxford County Waste Management Facility in Salford

* 7. Public Health Services ($32)
Immunization, health inspection, dental services, septic systems, inspections ,water testing, infectious diseases prevention and control, environmental health hazards, sexual health, prenatal health, parenting support, school nurses, smoking cessation, promotion of healthy lifestyles and more

* 8. Ambulance Services ($80)
Paramedic services (ambulance) and the Emergency Management Program

* 9. Human Services ($112)
Shelter and housing, including Oxford County housing, non-profit housing subsidies, rent supplement and affordable housing programs. Also: child care subsidy and financial help, e.g., Ontario Works

* 10. Long-term Care ($120)
Long-term health care at Woodingford’s Woodstock, Ingersoll and Tillsonburg sites

* 11. Planning ($24)
Regulation of land use that focuses on the physical form and design of neighbourhoods, the social and economic welfare of people, and the protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

* 12. Libraries - Brownsville, Burgessville, Embro, Harrington, Ingersoll, Innerkip,Mount Elgin, Norwich, Otterville, Plattsville, Princeton, Tavistock, Thamesford, Tillsonburg ($79)
Free lending of books and other materials, free computer access and wifi, free programming for all ages, and downloadable electronic products for early literacy, recreation, and lifelong learning in 14 branches (does not include Woodstock)

* 13. How would you rate the overall value received for your County tax dollars? (Remember, your annual tax bill is also made up from taxes from your city, town or township. and taxes paid to your preferred school board.)

* 14. How would you like be involved in the budget process?

* 15. Do you have any other comments or questions about the budget process?