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Increasingly, in today’s workplaces and career settings, Professionals of Color (POC) receive the message that their racial identity will work against them. True--but the message has another side that's often overlooked: Successful Professionals of Color have learned how to leverage their identity as a career asset.

The career service firm OWLSERVATIONS is conducting this research project to explore this positive side of POCs' lived experiences and examine ways to effectively offset racial identity challenges.  Findings from the study will equip POCs to better navigate and advance in their careers; educate allies on how to best support POCs; and inform organizations on how to reap the benefits of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Your candid feedback on this short (approx. 5-7 mins) survey will provide significant contributions to the research project.  Thank you for taking time to lend your voice. 
Prior to starting the survey, please review how key terms are defined in this survey on the next page.
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