Concern has been growing throughout the last two decades regarding the overall condition of Owasco Lake, spurring the creation of multiple advocacy and governmental groups monitoring lake levels and nutrient/phosphate levels.  Last summer and fall (2016), microcystin toxins were discovered in the City of Auburn and Town of Owasco drinking water (as well as the surrounding communities the Auburn/Owasco system services) due to prolonged blue green algae blooms in the lake.  Although the levels were determined to be safe enough for consumption (drinking), the concern by local officials, businesses, and residents was heightened substantially.

The health of Owasco Lake impacts Cayuga County significantly.  Owasco Lake is a source of drinking water, production water for businesses, recreation for residents, and is an economic driver for tourism. As such, the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce and Cayuga Economic Development Agency would like to better understand the impacts of these issues on our county’s businesses, non-profits, and other organizations. We appreciate your time and consideration in taking this survey to help in that aim.

 For the purposes of this survey, we will refer to all businesses, non-profits, municipalities, committees, and other entities as “organizations”. The survey has three parts: Organizational Information, Impacts of Blue Green Algae and Microcystin Toxins in Drinking Water, and Areas of Concern. It should take 5-30 minutes to complete this survey depending on the level of impact these issues have on your organization.