Biosphere 2 Outreach Scholars – 2017 Science Academy Internship

- Science and higher education mentoring and communication opportunity for summer 2017
- Requirements:
   + Complete training from June 27th - 30th at Biosphere 2 plus an additional 3 training days in April & May
   + Spend July 8th – 22nd at Biosphere 2 mentoring middle and high school students
- Receive $750 stipend award
- Applications will be reviewed beginning January 25, 2017
Biosphere 2 Outreach Scholar 2017 Internship Award Description:

Biosphere 2 seeks University of Arizona graduate and undergraduate students to serve as full-time, immersive science mentors during two, one-week long residential summer programs for middle and high school students in July 2017. Focused training will be provided in a residential training from June 27-30, 2017 on the Biosphere 2 campus. Three days of additional research and ropes-course training will be required in April and/or May.

Total time commitment is approximately 3 days in April/May and 2.5 weeks during June and July.

Successful candidates will be independent, trustworthy, and responsible. Applicants should enjoy spending time interacting with young people (grades 7-12), have an interest in science and STEM education (but do not have to be science or education majors), be outgoing and well spoken, and have high energy. Candidates will need to be fingerprinted, undergo a background check, and complete online training.

Biosphere 2 Outreach Scholar responsibilities will include:

*partnering with Biosphere 2 staff and scientists to further the mission of Biosphere 2 and of the Science Academy;
*attending training and demonstrating mastery of scientific material and teaching skills presented;
*demonstrating a commitment to effective and lasting science education;
*providing young participants an overwhelmingly positive immersion into the joys of scientific exploration;
*offering input, feedback, and mentorship for other Outreach Scholars;
*assisting with hands-on science activities/research;
*living on-site at Biosphere 2 for 2.5 weeks in late June and in July;
*overseeing a casita (house) of student participants (approx. 6-8 students);
*organizing and leading recreation, team building, and evening activities;
*chaperoning off-site field trips;
*providing mentoring and feedback for participants as needed;
*assisting with meal serving, some meal preparation, and other program tasks.

Daily schedule will last from roughly 7 AM to 10 PM daily during the June training and July program. Meetings for the April/May training are still being scheduled, but do require you to allocate approximately three weekend days.

Outreach Scholar benefits include:

*Sustained interaction with Biosphere 2 science team;
*Training in effective, hands-on, inquiry-based STEM education from professional scientist educators;
*Collaboration with peers with similar interests;
*Teaching science and leadership to middle and high school students from all over North America;
*Wonderful science, teaching, and service accomplishment on resume/CV;
*100% Engagement opportunity that meets UA Never Settle objectives;
*Room and meals provided during June training and July program;
*Celebratory dinner at the end of the first week of Summer Science Academy;
*$750 stipend award;

Outreach Scholar Timeline:
*Biosphere 2 Outreach Scholar applications available at the end of November 2016.
*Applications will be reviewed beginning January 25, 2017. Top candidates will be contacted for interviews during the first half of February 2017.
*Awardees will be notified by the beginning of March 2017.
*Interns complete 3 days of training in April and/or May 2017 and a residential training at Biosphere 2 from June 27- 30, 2017.
*Outreach Scholars will remain at Biosphere 2 continuously from July 8 - 22, 2017.
July 8th: Outreach Scholars arrive at Biosphere 2 for final preparation.
Middle School students will arrive July 9th and depart July 15th.
Outreach Scholar Celebratory dinner will be Saturday, July 15th.
High School Students will arrive July 16th and depart July 22nd.
Outreach Scholars depart evening of July 22nd.
More information about the Biosphere 2 Summer Science Academy program can be found at 

If you have questions about this application or the Biosphere 2 Outreach Scholar internship, please contact Katie Morgan at or Kevin Bonine at

* 1. Personal Information:

* 2. Gender:

* 3. Academics:

* 4. Key Areas of Extracurricular Involvement (list and briefly describe up to 5 areas).

* 5. Are you lifeguard certified?

* 6. Do you have any relevant certifications, such as teaching certificates, Wilderness First Responder, First Aid and CPR, etc.? If so, please describe them.

* 7. Availability for training in April and May: Please indicate which, if any, day of the week you anticipate having a half day block (morning or afternoon) or full day (choose both blocks) available to participate in the Outreach Scholar research and ropes course training to the best of your knowledge now.

* 8. Availability for residential Outreach Scholar Training: Will you be able to commit to the full training period June 27th-30th? If not, please explain limitations. You are still encouraged to apply, but limited participation will be a consideration when selecting Outreach Scholars.

* 9. Availability during summer program: Will you be able to commit to the full Summer Science Academy period July 8th-22nd? If not, please explain limitations. You are still encouraged to apply, but limited participation will be a consideration when selecting Outreach Scholars.

* 10. Why are you interested in the Biosphere 2 Outreach Scholar internship? (200 word limit)

* 11. As a Biosphere 2 Outreach Scholar, you would participate in team research experiences, receive training in science communication, and then have the opportunity to help middle school and high school students learn and do science during the Summer Science Academy. What would your professors/teachers/friends say are the important and/or unique traits you would bring to the team that would further the mission of the Biosphere 2 Science Academy? (200 word limit)

* 12. Please succinctly summarize the amount and types of experience you have conducting research:

* 13. Please succinctly summarize the amount and types of experience you have in teaching and/or leadership:

* 14. Please provide the name, title, and contact information (telephone number and email address preferred) for three references that we may contact about your character, abilities, and suitability for this award. Include how long you have known each reference and in what context.

* 15. Have you ever been convicted of a crime (other than a minor traffic offense) or do you have any criminal charges pending against you?

Criminal background checks are required for all Science Academy adult staff, interns, and volunteer leaders.

* 16. What is your T-Shirt size (T-Shirts are Uni-Sex)?

* 17. I certify that all information provided in this application is true and complete. I understand that any false information or omission may disqualify me from further consideration for the award and program participation and can result in my dismissal if discovered at a later date.

I authorize the investigation of any or all statements contained in this application. I also authorize, whether listed or not, any person, school, current employer, past employer, or organization to provide relevant information and opinions that may be useful in making an award decision.

I understand that Biosphere 2 Science Academy is a University of Arizona program and has a strict zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. I also understand that Biosphere 2 staff are responsible for all final decisions regarding program activities and execution.

I have read, understand, and by my electronic signature, consent to these statements.

As an applicant, please consider printing this page for your records.