* 1. Did you watch the recording of the lecture "Unexpected Outcomes of Immunotherapy" given by Dr. John Gerlach AFTER Oct. 25, 2016.

* 2. What date did you watch the recorded lecture on?

* 3. The source of immunoglobulin molecules used for immunotherapy can be:

* 4. Daratumamab, anti-CD38, can result in patients presenting with positive direct antiglobulin tests, possibly low hemoglobin levels, potentially pan-reactive antibody screens and positive crossmatches with every donor selected.

* 5. The reactivity of Daratumamab can be prevented if cells used for diagnostics are pre-treated with DTT (dithiothreitol).

* 6. Rituximab may cause an unexpected B cell crossmatch when performing pre-transplant testing.

* 7. What is your first and last name as you would like it on your PACE certificate?

* 8. What is your email address so that I may send you your PACE certificate?