* 1. What type of work do you do?

* 2. How many people in your household work outside the home?

* 3. If others in your household work, where do they work (City, Town or area)?

* 4. Where does your commute begin (your address or the nearest major intersection, if you prefer)?  Please include the town or area name.

* 5. What is the street address where you currently work?

* 6. If you drive, how far do you drive to your job location, in miles?

* 8. Are you able to start work earlier?

* 9. Are you able to start work later?

* 11. Are you able to end work earlier?

* 12. Are you able to end work later?

* 13. Do you need a car for business purposes while at work?

* 14. Do you need your car for personal errands during the day?

* 15. Do you pick up or drop off children for child care purposes on your way to or from work?

* 16. Please indicate how many days last week you commuted to and from work using each of the following methods.  If you use multiple methods to get to and from work, please explain in the other comments.

  Did not use 1 day 1-3 days More than 3 days
Personal Vehicle - Drove alone
Bus or Van or other Ground Transit Service
Bike or Walk
Carpool or Vanpool with other Employees
Gondola (for employees working in Telluride/Mountain Village)
Hitchhike/catch a ride with others

* 17. If you drive, how many days did you drive alone?

* 18. How many people are typically in your vehicle when you commute?

* 19. Would you consider using a shuttle bus to get to and from work?

* 20. Would you consider riding in a van with others to get to work?

* 21. If you would use a carpool, bus or van to commute during the week, how often would you use it?

* 22. Would you drive to a park-and-ride to catch a carpool, bus or van to work?

* 23. Would any of the following potential park-n-ride options be convenient for you?

* 24. If shared transportation were available for travel between Ouray, Ridgway and Montrose, would you be interested in riding?

* 25. How much would you be willing to pay for a round-trip ride?

  Not willing to pay anything $1-$3 per round trip $4-$6 per round trip
Between Ouray and Ridgway
Between Ouray and Montrose
Between Ridgway and Montrose

* 26. Please share any individual or specific concerns that you have about using transit.