Please tell us about a new action by your group that is inspired by or supports a strategy identified in the Project Play report, “Sport for All, Play for Life: A Playbook to Get Every Kid in the Game.” Actions could include a policy change, new program or initiative, or strategic investment, including but not limited to ideas highlighted in the report. Actions cannot have been announced prior to the 2017 Summit (early September). 

The most significant actions will be recognized by Project Play in its communications and on the report website.

* 1. Organization

* 2. Our Play

* 3. Project Play strategy that Our Play best supports

* 4. Why Our Play is meaningful

* 5. Timeline for implementation

* 6. Projected impact (# of youth, other measures)

* 7. Point of contact (first and last name)

* 8. Point of contact email address

* 9. Point of contact phone number