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Photo 1
Submitted by: Molly Sullivan '13
"Otterbein is the beautiful place that has allowed us to do what we love everyday for the last four years. We came here because we love to dance--now, we don't want to leave because we love Otterbein. "

Photo 2
Fall 1980
Cardinal Marching Band parading past the library
Submitted by: Cindy Jackson Mash '81

Photo 3
"Little Violets"
Submitted by: Monica Smith '16

Photo 4
Me and a few of my friends hanging out in the Campus Center! Circa 1996-97 #FoundersWeekPhotoContest Karey West, April Kinkade Walters ‘98, Josh Funk ’98 and Steve Cawley ‘98.
Submitted by: Karey West ‘98

Photo 5
Submitted by: Monica Smith '16

Photo 6
"Send us your photo that best captures your life and experiences at Otterbein".
This pretty much sums it up! Homecoming 2012
Submitted by: Annette Harting Boose ‘94

Photo 7
Theta Nu
Submitted by: Monica Smith '16

Photo 8
Attached is my photo that captures my life and experiences at Otterbein! Making the decision to work for the Annual Fund was one of the best that I've made so far at Otterbein. I love making a difference for the University, talking to the alumni/parents/friends and hearing all their stories, and some of the friends I've made working there are some of my closest friends on campus! It's not just a job, it's something that I absolutely love to do, and life at Otterbein would not be the same without it!
Submitted by: Brandy Stiversion '15

Photo 9
As soon as I steped foot on Otterbein's campus I fell in love with it! I know whatever I do here will be great and Otterbein is what made the difference.
Submitted by: Student Susanna Harris

Photo 10
I had a hard time picking just one photo but decided on this one because it is of my favorite INST class and I think it really captures something special about the Otterbein experience. INST courses are designed to expand students thinking as well as interests and my INST class that focused on water gave me an opportunity to do something I likely would not never experience in life - wearing waders and electro-fishing. Otterbein's small class sizes also really allowed my class to enjoy our time in the water and in class and Otterbein's location meant that we could walk right to the creek to do our fishing and experiments. I have lots of wonderful pictures from my time at Otterbein but I thought this one was the best "snap shot" of my experience.
Submitted by: Chelsie Lakeman '11

Photo 11
Submitted by: Student Susanna Harris

Photo 12
Submitted by: Student Susanna Harris