PARTNERSHIPS: In support of the Ottawa Declaration

On December 5 and 6, 2016 the Libraries, Archives, Museums came together in Ottawa at a Summit on the Value of these Memory Institutions organized by the Canadian Museums Association and Library and Archives Canada.
The outcome was the institutions and organizations adopted what was called the OTTAWA DECLARATION. 

Ottawa Declaration (December 2016)

Gathered in Ottawa for the Taking it to the Streets Summit, members of the library, archival, and museum communities commit to find new ways of working together to increase the visibility and impact of memory institutions.

By adopting this Declaration, we commit to continually adapt and reinvent our institutions, and to promote the full value of libraries, archives, and museums to Canadians.

Together, we will:
  • Increase collaboration between our institutions and our networks at the local and national levels to catalyze new partnerships that spark creativity and enhance engagement;
  • Develop innovative programs and services, and adopt technologies that empower us to engage our publics; and
  • Enrich and expand access to our collections to ensure that our institutions contribute significantly to the public good and sustainable development.

CULC/CBUC would like to collect as much meaningful data on pre-existing partnerships and promotions within the GLAM Sector (Galleries; Libraries; Archives; and Museums).

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