The ACGME has worked with representatives of the Orthopaedic Sports community to develop Milestones. The work group has also created a Supplemental Guide to enhance understanding of the Milestones. We recommend that you review the Supplemental Guide simultaneously with the Milestones, as they designed to be companion pieces. 

To review the Milestones and the Supplemental Guide documents in their entirety, rather than simply viewing screen shots, click the links below.


In some cases if you are using the same computer and access link, you may exit and return to the survey if needed. 


As end users, your feedback is an important part of the development process. Each of the Milestones (18 total) have four questions in which we ask your level of agreement with the statement. In order to provide the final Milestones to programs as early as possible, we ask that you complete the survey no later than February 20, 2022.

If you have any questions, please e-mail