Welcome to the Orillia Youth Strategy Survey!

This survey is for young people ages 13-29 who live in Orillia. It asks to share your experiences and ideas for how to improve youth services like recreation, health, and community centres. 

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is anonymous, meaning your answers are not connected to your name and can’t be traced back to you.
Please do not share any names or other personal information in your answers. The information you share can be used in public reports and other communications for the development of Orillia’s Youth Strategy, and your answers will help Orillia and Simcoe County improve how they meet the needs of young people like you.

The survey is voluntary. If you feel uncomfortable or don’t want to answer a question, you can stop the survey at any time. Your answers cannot get you in trouble.

If you have any questions or need assistance completing the survey, please contact Katie Konstantopoulos, Project Facilitator at Maximum City, at 647-993-6383 or katie@maximumcity.ca

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* If you have understood and agreed to the above information, please click below to start the survey.

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