Submission Deadline: March 25th, 2019

2019 EREF Summit on MSW Organics
The 2019 EREF Summit on Organics brings together practicing engineers, academics, industry professionals, government personnel, and policy makers to discuss topics related to organic waste management.

This year's Summit will be held July 17th - 18th at the Crown Plaza SFO in San Francisco, California. The Summit will include:
· July 17- 1 full day of presentations and discussion related to MSW organics management
· July 18- Site visits to the South San Francisco Scavenger Anaerobic Digestion Facility and GreenWaste Recovery's new MRF

Interested in sharing your expertise? We’re looking for data-driven presentations. Presentations should be 20 minutes in length and address topics related to MSW organic waste management such as:
  ·  Technology (e.g. composting, anaerobic digestion)
  ·  Collection and material separation
  ·  Policy successes and/or lessons learned
  ·  Permitting considerations
  ·  Air and stormwater emissions
  ·  End product quality, end markets
  ·  Case studies and pilot projects (e.g. institutional, municipal)
  ·  State and Local infrastructure development
  ·  Perspectives and needs in California
  ·  Emerging topics, cutting-edge research (e.g. PFOAs)

  ·  Other considerations for organics management

Please submit a brief abstract (150 - 250 words) for consideration. Abstracts must:
  ·  Provide information to be shared and key result(s),
  ·  List or describe audience learning objectives, and

  ·  Be data-driven and technical in nature.

Presentations that market a specific product or service  will not be accepted.

Please submit speaker information and abstract by Monday March 25th, 2019.

Questions? Email: education(at)

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* 1. Presenter Information:
Please provide information for the person who will present at the summit. If your abstract is selected and the speaker cannot attend: a substitute speaker will be considered on a case-by-case basis or your speaking time may be forfeited.

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* 3. Abstract (150 - 250 words)
Please provide a brief description of the information to be shared, key results, and what the audience will learn from your presentation.

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* 4. Presenter Bio

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* 5. Presentations that market a specific product or service will not be accepted