Oregon Environment 2042 Leadership Program

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Oregon Environment 2042 Leadership Program, hosted by Center for Diversity & the Environment. Please take a moment to review and answer the following questions.

You are applying for a cohort for people who reside and work in Oregon.

There are a number of narrative questions in the survey. If you leave the survey and return later, it will time-out and your answers may be lost. We recommend copying the open-ended questions, collecting your responses in another document and inputting them once you have a complete application.

We encourage creative responses to the narrative questions. Past participants have:
o   Requested an interview to talk through the questions
o   Prepared a poem, video, artwork, or other creative work that speaks to the E42 program outcomes and why you want to be a part of the cohort.
We will contact you when a final decision has been made about E42 participants.
With gratitude,

The CDE team