Complaint Process Information

This form does not allow respondents to save their responses. Please be prepared to address all questions and submit in one session.
Thank you for sharing your concerns with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement (HCRQI) program. This form is intended for individuals looking to submit a complaint about hospital staffing. Complaints about patient care, including complaints about how long wait times harmed a specific patient, are filed using the Complaint Intake Form available at
The information provided below will be reviewed to determine if there are potential violations of hospital staffing requirements over which OHA has jurisdiction.
You will be informed whether OHA can investigate your complaint. If OHA can investigate the complaint, you will receive a copy of the investigation report.
By submitting this complaint form, you acknowledge the following:

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* 1.
  • OHA can only conduct complaint investigations of valid complaints, and the law defines what is a valid complaint. You can read more about HB 2697 in the FAQ posted on the OHA Hospital Staffing website.

  • Incidents that occurred before September 1, 2023 are not valid complaints that OHA can investigate.

  • Hospital staffing complaints must be submitted within 60 days of when the incident occurred. Complaints submitted more than 60 days after the incident occurred are not valid complaints that OHA can investigate.

  • If there is an exclusive representative (i.e., a union) at the hospital involved in the complaint , OHA is required to provide a copy of this complaint to the exclusive representative. OHA will maintain my confidentiality to the extent permitted under law; OHA cannot control how other entities or organizations will use or disclose the information included in my complaint.

  • Meal and rest break complaints that are filed before June 1, 2025 are not subject to civil penalties provided for in HB 2697 Section 11.