You Matter Here

This training is used for make-up training and new employee initial training. By completing this survey/activity, you attest that you have completed the following:
  1. Watched the Options Team Training video found here: (6 mins/20 secs - 6:20)
  2. Watched this video: New Adventures to Independence, Inc.  (43:13)
  3. Watched this Video: 17 Hours: Chris Nikic’s Ironman Story (12:57)
  4. Watched this video:  Jimmy V recipient Chris Nikic's inspiring 2021 ESPYS speech: (4:32)
  5. Activity/Reflectiontake some time to reflect on the videos you watched and answer the question.

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* 1. What is your contact information?

Question Title

* 2. Activity/Reflection: What is 1 thing you can apply from what you learned today that can make yourself and/or the people you support 1% better tomorrow? Let’s make this commitment together!