Statewide culturals - please use this form to sign up for the SCC Joint Database

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* 1. If your cultural organization (arts, culture, science, history) is interested in the SCC Joint Database as managed by The Results Group (TRG), please complete this brief form below . 

To participate this amount being approximately $545.00 to cover 12 months access through Sept. 15, 2019.    If you prefer, you may join March to September 2019 for $225.00. 

The SCC cannot accept credit card payments.

 Checks should be made out and mailed to SCC  PO Box 102995  Denver CO 80210    Once received, TRG will be in contact to begin the uploading process. 

Questions about the contract process?  Contact SCC at 303-946-2089 or   Jannett Matusiak, SCC Director

Your name:

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* 2. Name of your organization:

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* 3. Scientific & Cultural Collaborative (SCC) is pleased to offer access to the SCC Joint Database for non-profits, higher education and government agencies in Colorado whose mission includes arts, culture and science activities for the public. 

CO Springs organizations: Bree Vradenburg Foundation has completed their pilot program of subsidies and will not be distributing those for 2018-2019. 

Participation in the SCC Shared Database includes: Uploading and access to the SCC Joint Database as managed by Target Resource Group (TRG) following the policies and procedures of TRG to do so for a period of 12 months. Using an online system, your organization will be able to upload patron data on your schedule via File Import Wizard, use ongoing webinar training, exchange unlimited patron data with other SCC organizations (pending their approval), receive four quarterly National Change of Address updates, and demographic reports.  Some organizations such as city entities are forbidden to release citizen information. Other organizations may restrict what lists they share and are within their rights, as you are, to do so. Exchanges are not guaranteed. Each organization maintains complete control over any submitted data.


Key points as outline below – as a participant your organization will
*have unlimited uploads of files and that information will be available within 5 days
*have four (quarterly) National Change of Address updates
*have access to training videos and updates through group webinar conferencing and two hours of Help Desk access
*have unlimited use of My Trades for requesting and approval of list sharing
*have two hours of help desk support per year. This two-hour balance will not begin being tracked until 9/15/18. TRG will not decrease support hour balances for software malfunctions or tasks that users cannot complete themselves (e.g. adding new users, setting up vendors.)

End Users Services: Each End User (individual organizations) will be provided the following services:

TRG Arts is pleased to provide the following service terms to Client (SCC) and its End Users. This Schedule outlines a service agreement, to run concurrently with the term of the Agreement, where TRG Arts will build and maintain a data warehouse and provide associated support and professional development services, as outlined herein, for Client and End Users.

End User Data Center Basic Self-Service Package

Self-Service Database Updates through File Manager

• End User is responsible for uploading and importing pre-segmented data; each upload file must represent a single segment or segment information must be included within each file.
• End User is responsible for extracting files from End User’s ticketing system(s) to be uploaded and imported.
• End User can upload and import files on an unlimited basis.
• End User is responsible for maintaining valid field maps of their data files to TRG standard fields.

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* 4. STAFF PERSON #1: It is critically important that your organization have a minimum of two people who are familiar with the Database as we h ave found if only one person uses the Database  and leaves...the organization also loses valuable knowledge and use of the site.

Please include name and email of the staff member who  will be the primary   contact for the SCC and will have access to the Database (often Marketing and Development staff).

NOTE: remember to let TRG and SCC know when you add new staff for access or when others should be removed if they leave your organization - this is a security concern.

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* 5. STAFF PERSON #2: Second person contact for SCC Joint Database 

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* 6. The SCC conducts networking meetings and trainings through the year - free of charge to build collaboration and community.  Please indicate on the rows below names and emails of staff/volunteers  who would be interested in learning about our meetings held in the metro- Denver area:

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* 7. WHAT WOULD HELP YOU?  Please indicate any type of training that you would like the SCC to offer in relation to the use of databases and the TRG Database specifically  and/or add any question or comments you may have here.

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* 8. I understand that this form and the check to the SCC for $545.00 is due 6 weeks before activation and that all  contracts end Sept. 15, 2019 

Send check to: SCC   PO Box 102995  Denver CO  80250

THANK YOU for your interest in participating!  We truly look forward to working with you.   Cheers!