* 1. Which of the following best describes your role in the OpenStack community? Please choose all that apply.

* 2. What were your goals at the OpenStack Summit? Please choose all that apply or elaborate.

* 3. How did you like the Summit length and format (four days of parallel Design Summit sessions, conference-style content and workshops)? Please choose all that apply and provide any additional feedback.

* 4. Please rate the event on the following criteria (1 to 4) and provide additional comments to help us improve:

  Poor (1) Fair (2) Good (3) Excellent (4) N/A
* Overall
* Location (City)
* Venue (Hotel)
* Network
* Session rooms (size, acoustics, equipment)
* Directional information (signs, schedule)

* 5. Please rate the following sessions at the Summit (1 - 4):

  Poor (1) Fair (2) Good (3) Great (4) Did Not Attend
Design Summit Tracks
Keynote Presentations
Presentations & Panels
Lightning Talks

* 6. If you participated in the "Design Summit" developer sessions, please rate how you felt the sessions were managed:

  Not at all Rarely Sometimes All the time
Did you feel welcomed, included, and encouraged to speak for yourself?
Were the Design summit sessions focused and productive?
How well did session leaders drive and moderate the discussion?

* 7. How would you improve the content? Please choose all applicable.

* 8. Please tell us about your favorite speakers, sessions and tracks.

* 9. What did you find most valuable about the Summit?

* 10. What is the biggest area of improvement you see for the next Summit?