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Crosscutter Enterprises 13-Point Operational Excellence Assessment

Welcome to Crosscutter Enterprises' 13-Point Operational Excellence (OpX) Assessment.  This is your first step on an exciting OpX improvement journey for you and your company.

OpX is a system-related issue.  This means that it spans many facets of your organization -- fixing one thing does not necessarily improve your overall OpX.  It's also a very strategic issue for your organization.  This means that an organization's OpX is only improved over time -- there is not silver bullet.

This 13-Point OpX Assessment will allow Crosscutter Enterprises to analyze where you are from an OpX standpoint today and recommend initial steps to improve your OpX now.  Please ensure you have the time to take this survey, as it is several questions long.  You might also be asked to upload copies of documents for review, if you have them.

Throughout this survey, the term, "Company." is used.  This denotes your company, whether it be a business, organization, entity, etc.

If you have any questions regarding this survey or the results, please contact
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