In all categories, the person nominated must be a “volunteer” – defined as someone who does not derive a significant source of income from the role that they fulfill. They may receive honorarium or expenses in completing the role that they are nominated for.

Many volunteers could qualify in more than one category; however the nomination of a person may be for only ONE category each year. It is acknowledged that many volunteers’ efforts are the result of several years of commitment and involvement, so a nomination may recognise the volunteer’s total contribution to the New Zealand multiples community, over the last few years.

Membership of a Multiples NZ affiliated club or Multiples NZ is required for this award category. The Award coordinator will confirm membership before this nomination is accepted.

An important aspect of ensuring your nomination has every chance at success is to make sure you complete each section thoroughly. Please provide all the information requested in detail.

Nominations will close at 11 pm, 1 September 2018.

Question Title

* 1. Volunteer's Name:

Question Title

* 2. How has the Volunteer provided exceptional online support via Club/Multiples NZ Facebook pages, Twitter, or through other online communication tools such as Blogs, Instagram and/or Snapchat? (provide examples if possible)

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* 3. What has been the impact of the Volunteers support on the wider community of families with multiples (or a specific family, depending on circumstances)?

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* 4. Can you confirm that the Volunteer supports membership of local club and/or Multiples NZ?